Thursday, June 8, 2017

Around here lately....

Just some pictures of the past few months of all kinds of stuff that is my life too:

The journal. Always the journal, no matter what.

New beach pavillion. Approved.

King of the Castle and he knows it!

My beautiful handmade B6 Traveler's notebook by R Atelier/ Rosie Tian. It is my current journal.

The love of grids never ends.

Reading the Flow special about houses and interiors  made me appreciate my own.

Festival Time! Here Comes the Summer is a small festival on my island. Three days of music shared with a friend.

Impression of day one. The Reverend Shawn Amos (bottom left) was the absolute highlight of the festival for me.

Impression of day two. There were lots of fun activities for kids, like making protest signs.

Impression of day three. By the way, despite its name it was quite cold that weekend.

Drawing an egg on the ferry, because the holder was so cute.

The beach chairs are back. I guess tourist season is really here now.

Spring is definitely here!

Walking, walking, walking...what else is new?

Finished the Bunny Book journal.

View of the Wadden Sea through dead branches and fresh greens.

Somebody wants to move in....

....but somebody already lives here.

And that's how things are around here. Not bad as far as I'm concerned. So far 2017 is proving to be a much more pleasant year than 2016 and I am very grateful for it.

Speaking of pleasant things, I have another vacation coming up! Yup, it's my third vacation this year. How spoiled can you be?

In January I went to the island of Schiermonnikoog and in April I went all the way south to Valkenburg and the coming week I will be going back to my sisters house in Zelhem for a free vacation in the east of the Netherlands. This has become a bit of an annual tradition.

I will be having a furry companion there too, since just like last year I will be taking care of her cute dog Jinte who I would totally dognap if I didn't already have cat in the house.

I'm not planning anything special, just lots of relaxing and walking the dog and reading books, but I'm sure I'll have some pics for you when I come back on the blog. That will be in about two weeks. So until then you will have to do without me. I'm sure you'll manage. ;-)

Until then I wish you all a wonderful and artsy time!


  1. Wat een geweldig overzicht met mooie en leuke foto's , toffe tekening van het eieremmertje trouwens en natuurlijk mijn favoriete strandstoelen . Ik wens je een heel ontspannende vakantie.

  2. Liewe Caatje

    Altyd 'n plesier om jou blog te lees en jou lieflike foto's te bewonder..
    Vir my, is dit soos 'n mini-vakansie!

    Hier in Suid-Afrika het ons nie sulke strandstoele nie :-) hoewel ons darem ook pragtige strande het!

    Mag jou vakansie heerlik wees.

    1. Die strandstoelen zijn hier ook nog maar een paar jaar. Ze worden verhuurd, je mag er niet zomaar in gaan zitten, je moet er voor betalen.

  3. Ok, I love love LOVE the grid pattern!
    Echt geniaal

    1. Haha, dank je wel, ik ben rasterverslaafd. ;-)

  4. Hé Caatje, ik hoop dat je een fijne vakantie had en niet bent gesmolten afgelopen week (hoewel het 'daarboven' volgens mij een stukje koeler was dan op mijn zuidelijke schiereiland... dat was 'subtropisch' te noemen afgelopen dagen! Leuk, zo'n update van je afgelopen tijd/leven te zien en lezen... heb een geweldige dag/weekend meis!

    1. De vakantie was heerlijk. Met het warme weer ben ik steeds weer blij te wonen waar ik woon, zoveel aangenamer. ;-)


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