Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Closing the Allround Book (a journal)

At the beginning of this year I started The Allround Book my recent journal. It is a rather bulky book with 190 pages and I was quite surprised it only took me two and a half months to fill it. Because yes, it's finished already.

I showed you images from the first half of the book in a previous post (which you can find here) in which I also explained why I called it the Allround Book and how it was basically an experiment that did not work out.

But the book itself (as a journal) worked out just fine and I'm very pleased with it. It somehow felt to me like I really got my journaling groove back in this one, after having been a bit going back and forth for a while trying to find my mojo again.

Here are some spreads from the second half of the book:

The book has been used in a very basic way. Lots of writing and then just adding some photographs and ephemera. It's basically the way I do a lot of my travel journals and it suits me right now. The only difference is that I incorporated my morning art practice into this journal as well as part of the experiment.

As we speak I have moved into a different journal and I have also moved my morning art out of the journal again. Both endeavours are for future posts though, so I'll just have to get back to you on that. :-)

For now I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!