Friday, February 3, 2017

Yes, I'm still alive and I've got a four part slide show to prove it!

Hello my blogsy people!

When I went on my vacation three weeks ago (!) and thus on my blog break I didn't expect it to take so long before I got back here. My apologies for that. Nothing serious happened, it has just been one (well two actually) of those busy weeks. And where I would have had time to write a simple piece of text,  I did not have time to go through all my vacation pictures (over a 1000!), pick my favorites, downsize them and then turn them into a series of posts for you all to enjoy.

But now I have and here we are. It's good to be back in the blogosphere.

My apartment was on the second floor of  a small building.

My vacation to Schiermonnikoog was absolutely wonderful and I had expected nothing less.

Schiermonnikoog is the smallest of the inhabited Dutch Wadden Islands and just a tad smaller than my own island Vlieland. I love visiting another island in the winter, there's a desolate beauty to all of them when they aren't busy with tourists and the weather is cold. Visiting another island is a wonderful mixture of familiarity (after all I live on a similar island) and difference.

All the islands have their own charm. Schiermonnikoog is loved by me for its compactness. If you are a walker like me that is very practical. I did rent a bike for errands and such, but as for the real exploring I could simply walk everywhere I wanted. And I walked. A. Lot.

There were windows everywhere.

The day I arrived there was a huge storm and the two days after that the weather was a bit restless for it, but that led to amazing skies and clouds so even though I had to circumnavigate some showers it was very much worth it. After that however true winter found the island and more than one day the whole world seemed to be made of silver. You couldn't have made a winter lover as myself happier than with the type of weather I had that week.

This couch was fantastic. It doesn't look so big in the pic, but it was huge.

As any vacation I spent my time walking, photographing and reading and I journaled a little too. I did not keep a separate travel journal this time and I didn't do anything artsy really, but I did do a travel report in my regular journal to which I will add a lot of photographs so I will have a good memory of a good week.

Journaling with this view was amazing.

As always I want to share the beauty of my walks during my vacation with you, so in the coming four posts you will get a photographic impression of Schiermonnikoog in winter. I hope you will enjoy it.
In this post you can see some pics of my rental apartment that had a stunning view on two sides and was very comfortable.

Hope you will enjoy the coming slide show and for now I wish you a wonderful and artsy weekend!