Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pattern Variations

I am still very much in love with working with grids. I often draw them myself, but the easiest way to do it is to just use a book with a preprinted grid on it. One of the books I use for this is a Moleskine XL squared notebook. I mostly use it to try out pattern variations as I call them.

Here are some pages from this book:

If you want to drive yourself insane, try something like this! ;-)

Even though I like the full pages, I think I still prefer the ones with several patterns in the same colour combination.

By working in this book I feel like I'm collecting my own personal pattern library and it amazes me how even after filling quite a lot of pages in it I am nowhere near done with playing with grids. I think it may be an addiction I will never get rid off.

Hope you are addicted to something wonderful in your part of the world and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. oh my! that one you said could drive a person insane is glorious!! I love your pattern library. As a musician, I love variations on a theme and I feel like these are just the visual side of that!

    1. It's all about rythm and repetition and order, that's for sure (well, that and colour, always the colour). I keep thinking to myself that drawing patterns like this is the perfect art form for a control freak like myself. ;-)

  2. Wat een verscheidenheid ,ik denk dat je inderdaad een onuitputtelijke bron van inspiratie hebt gevonden , wat een 'leuke' verslaving , echt benieuwd wat er nog allemaal in jouw persoonlijke bibliotheek gaat verschijnen.


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