Saturday, November 26, 2016

From the Morning Book

As the end of the year approaches so does the end of my Morning Book. I'm not there yet and I may not finish it completely within this year, but I have only about ten pages to go. I guess it depends on how intricate those pages are whether or not I will finish this year.

In any case I am already thinking about my next Morning Book. What paper? What size? And most of all: how will I fill it? I have all sorts of ideas, but nothing is decided yet. All I know is that my morning art practice of half an hour a day will continue after the current book is full. And that is good to know! ;-)

Here are six pages that I finished recently:

This is the one I showed as a step by step in my previous post.

The first two pages were drawn with a drawing pen and coloured in with (washed) Derwent Inktense pencils. The rest was done with my favorite markers: Faber Castell Pittpens. They absolutely love the paper in this journal (a Dylusions square one), because it's so smooth and solid.

As you can see I have a lot of fun experimenting with the same colour combinations in different setups. Pattern play just makes me happy.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


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