Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A grid mandala - step by step

Working on the Morning Book every morning for only half an hour means that with more intricate pages I almost accidentally can take step by step pictures of how a page comes into being. Because after all it will take several sittings for a page to be finished.

The Morning Book is also a very good place to experiment with ideas just to see what happens. Today  I thought I'd show you how my very first grid mandala came into being. 'Grid mandala' is a term I made up for doing a grid drawing that starts in the center and symmetrically works its way outward. It kind of looks like a mosaic as well.

Every picture in this post was taken at the end of a Morning Book session, so the progress you see is by one half hour step each. 

I started by drawing a grid in pencil with the help of a ruler. Also with the help of a Spook. ;-)

I started drawing the shapes with the help of the grid starting in the center and working my way outward. 

After finishing the drawing I erased the pencil lines and got out my inktense pencils to begin colouring.

Again I am working outward from the center making sure to repeat the same thing on all sides.

I used a limited amount of colours so the colours themselves are recurring all over the drawing.

After colouring everything in I took out a brush and started washing the colours with water to really make them pop.

And after three and a half hours (seven mornings)  the grid mandala was finished.

I'm still not totally sure about this colour combination, but I did really enjoy the process and it gave me a whole new grid/mosaic type art to explore. Grid mandalas! ;-)

Using the watersoluble inktense pencils made this page extra time consuming. If I had used markers I might have finished this page in four sittings, but I wanted to experiment with those pencils on the smooth paper in my Morning Book. For those interested: my Morning Book is a Dylusions art journal.

If you want to follow the process of my Morning Book pages real time you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook, because I post an image there every morning.

Wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!