Monday, August 8, 2016

A beautiful evening

Every year my friend Monique (see her blog here)  comes and stays at the island for a few weeks and when she does of course we try to spend some quality time together. This year the quality time mostly consisted of roaming around from bench to terrace to bench, enjoying food and drinks at local restaurants, a bit of art, lovely views, shared silence, and of course lots of chatting.

One night we sat at the Wadden Sea while the tide was coming in right before sunset and we got to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of boats and skies. Sometimes that's all a person really needs. 

Here are some pictures of that beautiful evening:

Having friends or family over is always a good reminder of how lucky I am to live here and have all this beauty at my doorstep. Not that I ever really forget, but when you have company you sort of get to look at it all through a visitors eye. I like that. It helps keep me grateful.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. Dat klinkt allemaal zo gezellig ! De foto's zijn zo mooi net kleine schilderijtjes .

    1. Jaa, het is altijd weer leuk als ze op bezoek is. Een van de weinige vriendinnen die precies dezelfde interesses heeft qua creativiteit als ik. Fijn als iemand het gewoon snapt. :-)

  2. I dream of living on the water someday...


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