Friday, April 8, 2016

The last of the Adori, well...for now anyway

It's already been three months since I finished my previous journal, the Adori, but I had not shown you images of the last insert yet, so that's what I will do today.

The Adori is a handmade traveler's notebook that I ordered custom made from the wonderfully talented Anja Verkooij last year. It holds inserts the size of moleskine cahiers, but instead of those I used Tinne+Mia notebooks that have the same size, but much much better paper.

In previous posts I have shown you spreads from the first two inserts and today I thought I'd show you spreads from the third and last insert. So here we go:

Now the journal is full I have put it aside for a while, but the cool thing about these traveler's notebooks is of course that you can reuse them, so at some point I am going to remove the current inserts and fill it up with new inserts so I can start all over again. I actually already bought two more sets of the Tinne+Mia notebooks, because I loved them so much.

So this is probably not the last you've seen of this Adori journal. You know however how much I crave variety when it comes to my journals so right now I am working in something completely different. But that's for another post!

If you want to check out these beautiful Adoris you can find more info on Anja's website here. And if you are curious about the Tinne+Mia notebooks, you can find them here. On the site it says they are A5 but they are slightly less wide than that and exactly the size of moleskine cahiers.

Hope you enjoyed this peek in my journal and wish you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. Your journal pages are lovely as always...oh, that handwriting! It is very cool that you can remove the pages and re-use the book itself, but I can see the desire to work in something else for awhile before coming back to it.

    1. Thank you. The traveler's notebook system really is wonderful. Good to have you back in the creative blogosphere!

  2. This journal is absolutely stunning and your pages are so neat and beautiful. The Journal itself looks so tactile. It just cries out to be picked up and openend!

    Gorgeous, I can't wait to see your next foray into the journal world!


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