Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Texel Book - a peek in my travel journal (part two of two)

Here's the second part of the travel journal I filled during my trip to Texel in January.

I must admit it was quite a challenge for me to do the whole thing in black and white. After a while I really started to miss my colours and I had to keep myself from buying paints or coloured pencils while I was there, especially when I came across a really nice art supply store. ;-)

I'm glad I didn't give into temptation, because I like how the journal turned out, but it sure was nice to be back home afterwards and have all my supplies at hand again.

Anyway, here's another peek in the journal:

And that's all I have to show you from that journal.

There are still about fifty pages left in it. Those I will fill with some of the photographs I took, but since I already did a huge slideshow of those for you all I think it will be okay if I don't show that when it's finished. I do think they will make the journal a complete travel report though and that's what a travel journal is all about.

Well, it took me a while, but looks like I finally got my Texel vacation out of my system. Blogwise that is, because in real life I still remember it very fondly very often.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me and looking through my journal and I'll see you next time when we will resume or regular programming, whatever that means, haha.

Until then have a wonderful and artsy day all!


  1. You put so much work in your vacation/travel journal. I like the black and white. It gives the journal a crisp and natural look.
    I really enjoy when you take a vacation. It gives me an upfront look of your part of the world. I enjoyed the posts very much.
    Barb USA

    1. It makes me smile that other people can enjoy my vacations even if they don't actually come along, haha. Thanks for 'joining' me. :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I've loved looking at the lovely photos of your holiday and then your travel journal. Pragtig! It was great to travel with you. Hugs from South Africa

  3. Weer heel mooi weergegeven en fijn dat we je mochten "vergezellen" ..

    1. Dank je wel. Dit is voor mij als grage alleenreizer toch een manier om anderen een beetje mee te nemen, haha.


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