Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning Paintings #301-310

As I am writing this I did my last morning painting about six weeks ago and have already initiated a new morning art practice for almost a month. But there are still 30 paintings to show you on the blog, so I want to get those out of the way before I move on to my current practice. I am also intending to do a post on what a  year of painting every morning has done for me, so I'm not really finished them yet, haha.

Here are paintings number 301 to 310:

#301 - Gauze

#302 - Connect the Dots

#303 - Connect the Dots

#304 - Diamonds and Lines

#305 - Striped Diamonds

#306 - Striped Diamonds

#307 - Pattern

#308 - Triangle Party

#309 - Dashed Diamonds

#310 - Circles in Dashed Squares

All paintings were done in gouache as ususal. I really came to love the student quality gouache box by Caran d'Ache that I used for almost all of them. I also really came to love the paintbrush I used (a Talens Van Gogh filament watercolour brush). After a year there's no way you can not become very familiar with a material if you use it every day. 

The further I came along in my paintings the more I preferred to just paint patterns. Sometimes the patterns were very straight (I used a ruler to set up the pattern in pencil then) and sometimes I just did them fully by hand. I am a control freak so I prefer the very straight and uptight ones, haha, but I do see how the more loosely done ones have a bit more character.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my morning paintings and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. Toch weer altijd leuk te zien hoeveel werk je maakt door dat dagelijkse "ritueel" ,super !

    1. Dank je wel. Het is wel wennen nu ik het ochtendboek doe dat er niet meer elke ochtend iets áf is, maar ja dat heeft weer andere voordelen. ;-)

  2. Carin,
    I really enjoy these patterns. I got student grade gouache and I am planning on trying my hand with the patterns. I am finishing up a few other projects first. I go from one thing to another and get side tracked by sooooo many other artistic venues. I need to finish what I have started and start practicing patterns and getting used to the paints. These are amazing and much better than books you buy to get different patterns. Your do such a excellent job. I am going to review your patterns and start with the easy ones first. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh yay! Please show them to me if you make some, I would love to see.

  3. Every time I thought I had a favorite one, I'd scroll down and ooh and aah and have another favorite ... all the way down and may I just say that I love them all and couldn't decide which one of them was my favorite. Too hard to decide. lol Good job! : )

    1. Well yes you may, you may say that very much, haha! Thank you Debi. :-)

  4. Wat en mooi resultaat en wat knap om dit elke morgen te gaan doen. Ik ben benieuwd naar je ervaringen over dit jaar van deze morningpaintings.
    Groetjes Anneke

    1. Dank je wel. Het heeft even geduurd voor het een echte gewoonte was, maar het was de moeite waard. De terugkijkpost doet nog een paar weken, maar komt eraan!


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