Monday, February 29, 2016

Mail Art Time!

Oh my poor Snail Mail Listers! They have to be so patient with me. Some of them have not even received one card yet. I did warn you in advance it might take some time, but I still want to do a bit better this year and send out at least one set of cards every month so all of you may get one or two cards a year.

Very recently I finally got around to making a series of eight cards again. The reason it is mostly eight at a time is that I use these paper blocks with eight different varieties of the same colour in them. In this case that variety was purples and pinks.

Here are the cards up close:

Making these cards is a pretty time consuming job. I enjoy it very much though. The collage and setting up an attractive layout is always a challenge. It also makes me use lots of my washi tapes and pretty papers and stamps.

As for the Snail Mail List I am not taking any new 'members'. There's forty people on it now and that's the maximum I wanted. I'm very grateful for all of you who showed an interest in it when I first put the call out.

For those of you not on the list or whose turn it isn't this time around I hope you at least enjoyed looking at the cards and that somebody else is sending you some lovely art mail.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. Replies
    1. Dan ben je vast blij dat één ervan jouw kant op komt! :-)

  2. Spannend, ben benieuwd welke het wordt;-)

  3. These cards are so bright and beautiful. I have placed mine on my frig so everyone who visits can enjoy your work. I know those that will be receiving them, are going to love them.

    1. I love the idea of my mail art being all over the world. Glad you still enjoy the card I sent you.

  4. Hi Carin - these cards are so vibrant and love your color combinations! ! I love seeing your art.

  5. Mooi hoor Karin, ik word vrolijk van al die kleurtjes. :)) Fijne dag! Groeten Laura

  6. Sorry je naam verkeerd geschreven, ik bedoel met Karin met een C. :))


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