Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tiny Mandalas

I am on a mandala high lately. I paint them in the early morning when doing my Morning Paintings. I draw them in my journal when I just want to get my hand moving. And I draw them in my tiny canson artbook for the fun of it, which makes the mandalas themselves tiny too.

Here are six of them:

These mandala's measure approximately 3.5 x 3.5 inches (9x9cm), sometimes even a little smaller, so you are seeing them much larger than they really are. They are drawn with a drawing pen and coloured in with felt tip pens. They are the ideal art for couch potatoes with little time. Not that I am one of those of course.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. I really like these. Something about them appeals to me. I think this is also why I'm always making kaleidoscopes on my computer. I don't have the patience to do much intricate work by hand (unless it's with needle and thread), but I have been inspired by your daily paintings. I am going to try for weekly painting/drawing. I will be very happy if I can manage that for more than two weeks. :)

    1. For me it has something to do with symmetry and the flowerlike look of these kinds of mandalas. Oh...and the colour combinations of course. ;-)
      Yay for your new painting practice. I've learned the key is to just fill the page and not worry too much about how it looks or what you are painting. Just paint what you like and if that means you paint the same things over and over again, so be it. That's how series are made, haha.

  2. Ze zijn erg leuk geworden. Zo los uit de hand en dan zo mooi symmetrisch, knap! Gemaakt door een geoefende hand.
    Fijne week...



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