Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From the Picture Book

I keep a Picture Book. It is pretty much what its name says it is: a book for pictures. Pictures I cut from magazines, pictures I took from the internet, pictures I took myself with my camera and any and all kind of other pictures that inspires me. I also refer to it as Printerest (you know, a printed Pinterest of my own making?).

I try as much as possible to name the artists of the works I like, if only so I can look them up later, but I'm not going to not put an image in if I can't find its source. My approach to copyright is mostly pragmatic. This book is for my personal inspiration and enjoyment and I have no intention of copying anybody's work.

Both the looking in this book and the adding of new imagery is relaxing. It's a very simple way to play with imagery.

I'm curious if you keep a physical picture book as well and how it's set up? I don't do Pinterest and find this paper book way more satisfying. How does that work for you?

Hope you are all inspired by beautiful pictures around you and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. Wat een goed idee! Ik bewaar ook heel veel plaatjes, maar bij mij zitten ze in insteekmapjes. Ik denk dat ik ze toch ook maar eens ga inplakken, dan pak ik ze veel sneller om inspiratie op te doen.

    1. Ik heb ladingen plaatjes in hoezen en van die harmonicamapjes, maar die zijn voor het journal en collage. In het Picture Book gaat het echt om plaatjes die ik heb bewaard ter inspiratie. Ik zou niet kunnen zeggen waar die grens ligt, maar blijkbaar weet ik hem wel precies te vinden haha. Ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat doen.

    2. Heel herkenbaar! Ik heb vanmorgen een nieuw plakboek gekocht, nu alleen nog tijd maken om te beginnen.

  2. I keep Paper books, and a pinterest page [ www.pinterest.com/chriseverest ]. I have files full of faces,
    collections of postcards, prompt cards, ANY kind of cards - very similar to the bubbling
    that goes on in my head whenever I start thinking about creating. I get
    themes in my brain : Eyes, Nautilus shells, Spiral stairs, Pebbles, Trees,
    I love that "possibility-potentiality" idea. I am a thief in copyright
    terms but I'd never make money anyway so.... I have mountains of books of
    all sorts - especially ART and literature.
    I DO ADMIT to being a bit severe on myself (eg I couldn't use Sticky tape)
    and I tend to carefully align but hey, OCD is part of it so .....
    Incidentally HOW do you put pictures up on your email ? Scanned ? Photoed ?

    1. Except for my own photographs, for which I have created an enormous image bank I don't keep any imagery digitally. The reason is simple: I don't use it. It's kind of like my art supplies, they need to be right on hand where I can see and touch them. I like your categories!
      As for your last question, I'm not sure what you mean. I mostly use my camera or my phone to take pictures and sometimes I edit them a little for the blog (mostly downsizing). I hardly every scan my things, because it's more of a hassle to me. Scanning would probably produce better imagery, but books like in this post are too big for my scanner anyway. :-)

  3. Hi Carin. I do keep a couple of very small photo albums of "inspiration" pictures, save photos I like on my computer & have a Pinterest account. I like your idea of filling journals with your images, though. I am thinking of doing that, thanks to your suggestion. They would be very fun to look through when you get "stuck" in your creative process and need a little inspiration to kick-start your brain! :) Thanks!

    1. I think the reason I keep physical books is simply that I can pick them up and leaf through them while at the studio table or wherever I'm sitting. No need for technology to be dragged into it at the spot.
      I also like how my journals in a way tell a broader story of my life and me just by the imagery I include be it my own or somebody elses. It shows my preferences and my tastes and what's going on in my life. Even if the imagery has nothing to do with what I"m writing, it still tells a story. ;-)

  4. I love to cut and paste beautiful pictures, and I've been doing it for almost twenty years now. It started mainly with pictures from home decorating magazines, then morphed into creative inspiration. Most of my art journal pages look more like a glue book than anything. I like your version, called "Printerest"...clever!

    1. I'm always cutting up magazines too. A lot of that gets used in my journals and collages, and with this book I have yet another reason for cutting images and pasting them in. ;-)


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