Monday, February 9, 2015

From the Doodle Book

Every time I post the progress of one of my coloured doodle drawings on Facebook one or two people will comment on my patience and how they have none. Well, let me just inform you that I am not a patient person either. I would love for these drawings to be done in like half an hour and move on to the next. In fact when I'm in the middle of one I often wonder why I'm doing these at all. They really take me out of my comfort zone.

But that's kind of the point of them (that and just that I like the result): they are a training in patience. They are the paper version of embroidery (even though that takes even more patience, at least for me). I am someone who is very result oriented as much as I hate to be that way. So this kind of work is teaching me about quality over quantity and about living the process instead of focusing on 'productivity'. In the end productivity should be measured in the time spent enjoying art and making things and not in the amount of pages filled or work produced.

Here are two of my latest doodle drawings:

These drawings measure 25x25 cm (that's 10x10 inches). They were both drawn with Stabilo 68 felt tip pens and coloured in with coloured pencils. The pictures (especially the close ups) make the pencils seem a bit less opaque than they really are. They actually give quite a nice overall coverage.

I hope you are testing your patience in an artsy way and enjoying it too. Wishing you a wonderful day!