Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A birthday card for Monkie

My creative friend Monique (aka Monkie, you can find her blog here) had her birthday last week and as is custom with us I had to make her a little something. I decided on a birthday card that was fully made up of my colourful doodles.

The card has four pages that are filled to the brim and each has some words from a Dutch birthday song. I drew the card with a fineliner gelpen and coloured it in with tombow dual brush markers.

Here are the four pages up close:

As you can see I chose a different colour scheme for each page, mostly because that gave me a bit of  variety while I was making it, because even though it's a small card, these doodles take a lot of time to do! ;-)

I hope my friend liked receiving this card as much as I enjoyed making it!


  1. Wat een vrolijke verjaardagskaart, daar zal ze vast blij mee zijn!

    1. Dank je wel, Annet, hij was erg leuk om te maken.

  2. Jeetje... wat een werk is dat geweest Caatje! Dát zijn nou de echte fijne verjaardagswensen... prachtig!

    1. Dank je wel! Ja, zoiets is wel even doorzetten, haha.

  3. Superleuk idee Caatje.
    Ik ben helaas nog lang niet jarig! ��


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