Monday, September 15, 2014

Pages from Flora

Flora, the current journal, is in full use. I love her size and I love her paper even though neither is ideal (too big, and not perfectly suited for wet media and markers). Here are some of her latest pages.

I have to smile when I see how when it comes to this journal I use words like 'she' and 'her' instead of 'it'. As if it's a person. I think it's the name, even though I didn't mean it as a girls name at the time. I just meant 'flora' as in the world of flowers, plants and trees. Oh well, the journal works in mysterious ways I guess. ;-)

Have a wonderful day all!


  1. I love the feminine pronouns too! But even more, and even though I know you aren't referring to me, I love the spread about "channeling your inner Judy"... :-)
    I have just started journaling. Tomorrow there is a staff meeting at my job and I will do some coloring of patterns, inspired by you, to keep myself sane. Very simple and sloppy, small journal and just some colored markers. I guess I should think of trying a spread to read "channeling my inner Caatje" !! Thank you dear...

    1. This put a big smile on my face Judith! Thank you. :-)
      PS In case you're interested, the Judy I'm actually talking about is Judy Wise, I was admiring her journal style (the images on that page are from her journal).

  2. Love your little watercolour sketches, they are really sweet. They kind of capture that feeling of sitting there for a while rather than snapping and passing on as a photo does.

  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I like how your spreads have different characters and styles to them. I love the soothing colors of your first spread here.


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