Friday, August 15, 2014

The last of the Book of Luck

It's hard to believe but true: I finished another journal! The Book of Luck is all filled up.

Last year I pretty much only worked in one journal, the White Book and boy was that book a struggle sometimes. But his year so far I have already finished four! And that's without counting the Fake Journal, which was more of an experiment (and not really finished in any traditional sense of the word).

Anyway, it seems this year I have a preference for journals I can actually end within two months. The Book of Luck took me about six weeks and here are some of its last pages:

This really was a fantastic journal to work in, strangely enough because it was actually not suitable for art at all. The paper was only good for writing. But the size was wonderful and portable and I liked adding pieces of sketching paper for the actual art and just sticking in all kinds of random stuff. It also reaquainted me with my love for collage.

If you are new to journaling I think it would be a really good idea to get a book like this, one that is not so pristine and perfect, but just a regular notebook. It takes a lot of pressure off the whole thing.

Meanwhile I have of course already started yet another journal (a very different one again, since I thrive on variety), but that's for another post. For now I am just happy to add another favorite to my stash of finished journals.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. Wat een fijn gevoel geeft dat hè, zo'n vol boek.
    Ik herken dat wel. Heb net een zomerproject afgerond en kan er intens van genieten ;-)

    1. Het is altijd een beetje dubbel gevoel. Trots dat het vol is, maar ook jammer dat ik 'afscheid' moet nemen. Ik raak altijd best wel gehecht aan mijn boekies en moet altijd weer wennen aan een nieuwe. Maar....dat houdt het wel interessant! Leuk dat je ook net iets hebt afgerond. :-)

  2. I agree with Bernardine (above) must be good, because she ends with a smiley face!!

  3. I love your work (you know that), and it is a huge comfort to me that you are still filling so much space with text - makes me not feel so aberrant!

    1. It wouldn't be a journal if there were no writing. Well...not to me anyway. ;-)


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