Saturday, August 9, 2014

Collages in the Book of Luck

Lately I have been fascinated by glue books. Glue books are basically what the word says, books in which stuff is glued down. I guess collage books would be another good word for them.

Looking at pics all over the internet inspired me to do some collages in my journal. Of course me being me, just sticking things down wasn't enough for me, I had to embellish and decorate and make it look good. I just cannot leave stuff alone until I feel it looks good. Good enough for me anyway.

Here's what I did:

I don't know if you can tell, but I first needed to warm up a little. The first two are simpler and less full of stuff, but soon my need to fill everything to the brim took over and things really got going.

I especially like the last two with the pastel coloured background. I like how it contrasts with the more colourful imagery.

It was so much fun to do these! I missed doing 'real' collage and it was fun to get back to it and combine it with penwork, coloured pencils and stencils. I will definitely do more of these!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. They are wonderful!! Each one makes a story, and is not just a mishmash of stuff.

    1. I love your "warm up" process. I never thought about it that way before, but that's what I do too, a couple of practice or warm up images and off to the races. I've just discovered your blog today and am enjoying going through it. Thanks for sharing.

      If you're curious, I was searching for information on Derwent Inktense pencils, specifically how to use the Outliner pencil and your blog came up as one of the first few entries on Google.

      I also make colour charts for my pencils and markers but never have used large circles like that. I must admit they look very neat and colourful. Much better than my scribble swatches!

    2. I don't really warm up all that consciously either, but in practice it does turn out that way. It's like stretching your creative muscles a little to see where you can go. ;-)
      Oh, that inktense post is ages ago! Nice to know people are still reading the older stuff. ;-)


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