Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Real Journal

After closing the fake journal I had to start a new journal to work in, since I had finished The Notebook just before I started International Fake Journal Month.

I chose a simple A5 sized Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook. I love the sketchbooks this company  makes, so far I have not seen their equal as in versatility, not even the Strathmore journals will take all media so well. The paper is not perfect, but it's close enough for me. I find the Strathmore (I have only tried the ones with the vellum finish), don't respond well to drawing pens, the pens tend to skip on the paper. Also the Seawhite comes in square formats which I really like, even though this obviously isn't one of those.

When I opened the new journal I couldn't resist naming it as follows:

That's right, it's the Real Journal! I have to laugh at myself over this, but it was just begging for it, haha.

The inside cover is not really in use, except for testing pens and such, because I'm working on a fabric cover for the book and this part will be covered then. You can see a hint of the materials I will use for the cover over here.

Here are some spreads I've done in the journal so far:

This one is not finished yet, it will get a line drawing pasted onto it as soon as I...well...draw it.

I have done some more writing here and there, but it's not very interesting to look at, so I didn't take pics of those pages.

My intention for this journal is to be very much like the Notebook a hold all for all kinds of everyday stuff, but with more added visual art. So it will be like a bit of a mix between The Notebook and the fake journal. We'll see how it goes. I always have to get used to a new book for a while before I feel comfortable in it and I'm slowly getting to that place right now.

Hope you enjoyed this first peek into this new journal and wish you a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. Those are great pages. Can't wait to see your journal cover. Love the fabric.

    1. Thanks Terri, I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the progress.

  2. Hi Caatje,

    I love how you throw just about everything in your journals. Writing, drawing, painting, real photographs, not to mention the fabrics for the covers. Do you ever use fabric on your inside pages. I need to look through your journal pages again (I have a memory like a sieve) but it seems you don't do a lot of collage ... at least not using magazine images. Or is that just a recent choice? Must explore your posts again and recheck. Hmmm..... On a totally unrelated note .... What books do you like to read? Favourite authors? Favourite genre? As a fellow book lover I like to know what others read. And flipping topics yet again ... are you folks having good weather these days? What kinds of weather do you get during the year? I know, I know ... google it silly girl!!! I'm feeling chatty tonight. Sorry. Cheers!

    1. I actually did a lot of collage in previous journals, especially in the altered atlasses. It's just recently that I have not used magazine images a lot. I'll probably get back to it someday. I do still cut out interesting imagery just in case I need it for some collaging. I like to have some options when the time comes. ;-)
      As for books my taste is pretty broad, but I favor fantastical stories like fantasy novels. Fiction reading to me is all about escapism and storytelling. My favorite current authors are Robin Hobb and George R.R. Martin. I also like young adult fiction (current favorite is Patrick Ness' Chaos Trilogy). My favorite books ever are Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy. I also like non fiction on subjects I'm interested in, ranging from psychology to popular science and art. And my guilty pleasure is fantasy romance. You know: werewolves and vampires in love. My favorite in that is J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I'm also part of a book club where we read more traditional literature and discuss it together. So it's pretty varied really.
      The weather is great right now, so no complaints, haha.


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