Sunday, March 9, 2014


On my workdays I start work at 7am and, since the days are slowly lengthening, right now it's around sunrise when I walk to work. On lucky days when the weather is good and the tide is just right that means I get to see things like this:

Hope you're all having a wonderful and artsy Sunday!


  1. Caatje....when I look at your art work and your photos, I just love everything you do. However, most of your photos seem as if you are in a lonely place and I sometimes worry about your safety!! Maybe you are aiming the camera at the empty areas of beach and sea and there are lots of people all around but you keep them out of the lens...and that's great! But I just read that you walk to work at 7 a.m. on these lonely stretches??? Please be careful! Now I am stressed out about you!! :0)

    1. Oh dear! Please forgive me, but your comment made me laugh. I live in a small town and my walk to the office is about ten minutes right through this same town. No remoteness. The town is right at the Wadden Sea (which by the way has no beaches) and these photographs were taken from a dyke that runs along the edge of the town to protect it from the water. So as I took these pictures my back was turned to the town.

      In general I do go on long hikes outside of the town, sometimes at early hours, especially in summer, to avoid the tourists, so I do walk in more remote places by myself, but I'm not sure what dangers you see lurking there. This is a small island, so' remote' is very relative. Dog walkers, joggers, tourists and nature lovers are always to be found somewhere sooner or later. I always carry my phone with me, in case I have an accident, but even if I didn't someone is bound to find me sooner or later.

      If you're worried about unsavory types hiding somewhere or something I assure you that I think those kinds of people are more likely to walk in populated areas than unpopulated ones. I feel unsafer in cities than out and about, but in general I'm not too paranoid anywhere.

      Yes, something could happen when I'm out there on my own, but that's true anywhere and frankly I'm much more worried of slipping when I vacuum the stairs at home than I am of being on solitary walks. Life is too short to be governed by fear and since I live alone I might never go anywhere if I let fear be my guide.

      In short, don't stress about me please because this place is not as remote as it seems and I do know what I'm doing, but thank you for caring. You're sweet to do so. :-)

    2. I am very glad to hear that you are safe and careful!! So just keep on keep'n on!!

  2. Looking at another part of the world and it is your world. As usual, enjoyed the pictures.

    1. Happy you keep enjoying them Barb! :-)


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