Thursday, March 13, 2014

Branches (and a vacation)

Sometimes when I'm on one of my walks I get fascinated by something specific and then I can't stop taking pictures of it.

Last weekend this happened when I looked at the silhouettes that empty tree branches make against the sky. Such lovely lines. I took a bunch of shots, so this is just a selection.

The branches looked like fascinating drawings to me, so naturally I had to sketch some as well. This is a pencil sketch in a big Dylusions Journal that I will tell you more about in a future post. The fun thing is with silhouettes you don't have to worry about things like shading and perspective.

Now for some good news (well for me anyway). I will be going on vacation tomorrow! That's right. I booked a last minute (cheaper) to one of the other Wadden Sea Islands again. This time one I haven't been before: Ameland. It is my mission to visit all the Dutch islands for a vacation. Last year around this time I went to Schiermonnikoog and next year I hope to visit Texel. But this year it's Ameland.

I will be there for a week, armed with my big camera and walking boots, so expect a lot of pictures when I return!

I'll be back somewhere in the week of the 24th. Can't say exactly when, cause picture taking with my actual camera takes some editing and downsizing for the blog.

If you want to follow me as I am there you can do so on Facebook, because I will be posting daily there with pictures from my phone.

So hope to see you all in about two weeks and wish you a wonderful and artsy time until then!