Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Birds

I really took truckloads of photographs during my vacation. I guess you know by now I always take truckloads of pictures, but now I pretty much had my good camera around my neck non stop.

One of the things I like to look at on my walks are the birds. With my phone it's not so easy to take good pictures of them, because I can't zoom in, but with my camera I can. Of course it's not exactly the level of photography you'd find in National Geographic, but it will do.

Here's a selection of some bird pictures I took during my weeks off.

I have to admit that the one with the chaos of gulls is my absolute favorite!
I also like how you can tell that it was windy from the couple of pictures where all birds are standing in the same direction with their backs to the wind. ;-)

Now here's a bonus bird:

Um...wait...that's not a bird! That's a seal!
I showed you the seals before and I have taken more pictures of them, but frankly in most of them they have their backs turned to me and were not interested at all in being my personal models. By now the young ones have become grown up enough to swim and lost all their white cutie fur. So last Monday when I checked there were no seals left on our beach. Still, I have had the opportunity to truly enjoy them and observe them and I feel priviliged they were here for such a long time to begin with.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!