Friday, November 15, 2013

Photography Friday

Sometimes when I do a Photography Friday I have to sort of scrape the pictures together to get a good selection and sometimes I have so many pictures I don't know where to start. This time is definitely one of those latter cases. I had hundreds on my phone from several walks and a trip to the main land so I had a really hard time picking this weeks selection. So you're only getting the tip of the iceberg! ;-)

Fall in the forest. There's still plenty of leaves on trees, but they are slowly getting fewer and fewer.

Had to go the city of Assen because of work. Apparently bikes grow on trees there.
The meeting I had was held in this incredible building.

Afterwards, because it was too late to catch the ferry, I stayed in Harlingen in a hotel and got this view from my hotel room!

Harlingen is just so pittoresque.

Fall foliage.

Threatening clouds on a morning walk. That house is still on my wish list.

Path through the dunes towards the beach.

North Sea beach on a magical morning.

I love it when the sand moves like this. It makes you feel like your floating.

A lonely beach pole in the distance tells you it's high tide.

Heavy clouds reflecting on the water and the wind is playing with the sand again. Sigh...

The colder season means places like this get flooded. When it freezes sometimes people skate here. Hasn't been that cold yet though.  

Let's go exploring the vast space that is our Island!

Or stay in the forest. It's so quiet now everywhere. Nothing but the rustling of the wind.

The sun through golden leaves. Autumn light is the best.

One of many storm victims.

A peek through to the pond near the town..

My shadow is at least twenty feet tall right now.

A beach pole at low tide (notice the difference with the one above?).

Ah, the marks water makes in the sand. Natural sculptures.

Another dune path, this is more on the east side of the Island.

A much more quiet day on the beach. No lower level sand storms here.

And the other pond I love to take pictures off. I've seen those ducks grow up this summer from ducklings. So cute! 

And that's all for today. Now go peek through your own camera and capture your own neighbourhood. You might be surprised at all the beauty right outside your door once you start looking for it. Doesn't matter where you live. You don't need a special place to be, you just need to open your eyes and your mind.

Wishing you a wonderful and artsy weekend.


  1. Photo Friday is one of my favorites. Your wish list house is amazing. The drifting grasses remind me of Withering Heights. Just beautiful.

    1. Thank you Barb. Unfortunately even if I could afford that house I would not be allowed to live there permanently, since it's a vacation rental (different rules), but one can dream, haha. And you just happen to mention my favorite book ever Wuthering Heights! I read that book so often I can't even count it anymore.

  2. Love your island and the areas surrounding it! Makes me want to add that part of the Netherlands to my next travel list! How lovely for you to have those beautiful unspoilt bits of nature to roam in!

    1. You really should visit, it's a unique part of our country. And yes, I do realize how privileged I am!

  3. Thank you so much for your photos, Caatje - they inspire me, fill me with appreciation and peace and are a wonderful antidote to just about any distress...

    1. Ha, that's about how I feel at every walk I take around here. Now if only I could keep that feeling 24/7. ;-)

  4. Caatje, I'd like to try to sketch a few of the architectural designs. Thanks for the inspiration -- love these photos!

    1. Love to see what you come up with Teri and thank you.

  5. Your photos are wonderful. I could get lost on your island just by viewing your photos. You have so much inspiration all around you. How wonderful and lucky for you. I really enjoy your blog and find wonderful inspiration here. Thanks for sharing.


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