Friday, September 27, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge - catching up on May

One of my resolutions/plans for this year was/is to participate in the Sketchbook Challenge. Well, if this year is teaching me one thing it is how bad I am with plans and resolutions and challenges! I love thinking them up, but I'm not very good at executing them. I'm more of a 'let's see what I feel like doing now' kind of girl. ;-)

But I also have my pride and not being able to even keep up with a once a month challenge is just too much for my ego to handle, so slowly I am playing catch up. So here is my contribution for May (yes May!).

The theme for that month did not appeal to me at all, it was 'bowls'. I mean really: bowls? Who thinks up this stuff? But strangely enough, once I got going I actually enjoyed coming up with two pages in my Studio Book. And here they are:

Are they colourful or what? They were first drawn in pencil, then drawn over in drawing pen. The backgrounds were coloured with watercolour and the bowls themselves were coloured in with Tombow Brush Markers.

And just to prove to you how imperfect I am I made a huge spelling mistake on the first one, yes in plain sight for all of you to see. You're welcome. ;-)

Despite the mistake I really like both drawings and it taught me a little lesson not to be too blasé over themes I consider unappealing. With a little imagination you might surprise yourself. I know I did!

On Monday I'll show you another catch up for the Sketchbook Challenge. Until then I wish you all a wonderful and very artsy weekend!