Monday, September 23, 2013

From the White Book

How I keep loving to journal and how I keep loving the White Book. This book is one interesting journey. I had a big struggle in starting it at the beginning of the year and now it seems I have found some sort of momentum in it.

I keep trying new things, especially when it comes to backgrounds and I'm less afraid to sometimes just quickly put some stuff on a page so I can just write if I don't have much time to make a real lay out. That means not all pages are pretty or interesting, but it also means that at least I keep journaling no matter what and that's most important after all.

Here are some of my latest spreads.

The book itself is starting to get quite fat! It has so many pages and I think I still have about a quarter to go. It's also showing some wear and tear on the cover. I like that. I like that my books look like they have been used. That's what they're for after all! When it is full I will show you some before and after pictures, because this book will never lay flat again, haha!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week!