Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let me take you to London! - Day 2 (and another guest post at CMM)

From June 15 to 23 I was on a nine day trip to London! These posts are my slideshows of that vacation so you can all travel along with me and enjoy the sights. 

I also kept a journal while I stayed there which I will show completely when I'm done with the photographs. Enjoy!


I had a loose plan of where I wanted to go each day. Sometimes I kept it up and sometimes I threw those plans to the wind. It's all okay. I just knew I needed a little direction up front since time was limited and there was so much I wanted to see. In the end you just cannot do everything in seven days so I had to throw some things to the wind anyway, haha.

I knew that on my first 'real' London day I wanted to go to Camden, because that's when the markets are at their most active and complete. Since I only had one Sunday, it would have to be the first day I was there. 

I started the day walking up Primrose Hill, which offers an amazing view over London (and is good for your leg muscles, phew!)

After enjoying the sights I walked along Regent's Canal ....

... right unto the Camden Markets area near Camden Lock.

It holds the best little second hand bookstore ever. The owner shares my love for Philip Pullman.

This is just a fraction of the markets, but it is the most authentic part I think. It's gone too commercial over the years. A pity.

I loved this woodwork, a whole staircase wall was covered in it.

This is the actual Camden Lock, where the water levels are artificially heightened or lowered so ships can go through.

Walking along Regent's Canal is fascinating. You kind of get to see the backside of a lot of London area's that way.

Or how about this view through the trees at an old church?

After all the busyness of the markets I went searching for some peace in Regent's Park.

And I actually found some too. The London Parks are gorgeous.

I did not get to spend half as much time in the parks as I would have liked. There just was not enough room in a day.

But Regent's Park I explored on this day from every side.

I ended the day on a nostalgic trip to the Brunswick shopping center.

I suppose I have to explain that last one. The Brunswick is right next to Russel Square and Bloomsbury. I stayed in an apartment in that neighborhood four years ago for four weeks. It was the most amazing vacation I've ever had. I used to come to this shopping center for my groceries practically every day.

My hotel this time was in a completely different kind of area, King's Cross/St. Pancras, which is a bit seedy and not very nice. I knew that up front, and I simply chose to go with the cheapest offer I could find, so I didn't mind that.  But Bloomsbury has a very laid back small town atmosphere that I liked to take in from time to time. I really like it there. Since I knew there was a good supermarket here I sometimes went there before going back to the hotel and get my food for the night. It was also like a comfortable trip through memory lane. ;-)

One day I wish to be able to stay in that same apartment again, it was fabulous. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed our first real full day in London. Put your feet up and relax. It will be another long day tomorrow. See you then!

PS - on a completely different note - guest post on CMM
I have another guest post on the Create Mixed Media site. Again thanks to Ricë Freeman Zachery who's generously sharing her spot there with me. I'm so proud. You can see it here. Enjoy!


  1. The Brunswick Shopping centre?! Tee hee hee what an end! haha I used to go there EVERYDAY, about 4 years ago too (may be we secretly passed each other & never knew!) I used to work a stones throw away from there and my uni was just over from Russell Sq so it was sorta in the middle (Ya know that big white tall building on Russell Sq/Malet St, quite famous - well held on of my libraries =) ). You've even snapped a pic of my actual opticians lol but you've also shown me some images in this I never even saw for myself while I was living there! ... Mind I never really went to Camden that often as it was quite a trek bu am thinking I should fit it in now as I'm going next week =) thanks for making me feel all nostalgic too xoxo

    1. Wow,Jenny, that is just amazing. I stayed at the appartment building at Woburn Place. A very small, but very luxurious apartment. I can't believe you were so close. Funny how these things work sometimes. :-)

  2. Geweldig, om je trip te volgen! Heb dus nu net twee {virtuele} dagen met je in Londen doorgebracht, en ben benieuwd naar de rest. Ik hop nu nog even naar je gastpost... geniet van het weekend Caatje.

    1. Dank je wel Marit. Hopelijk geniet je mee met de rest van de trip.

  3. Beautiful tour, thank you! And I love your painting!

  4. Camden is one of myfavourite places, loved seeing these pics! And I really like your skyline sketch from Primrose Hill.


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