Friday, February 22, 2013

Photography Friday

Time for another photography Friday to show you some highlights of what my camera phone picked up the last few weeks, mostly wintery scenes!

The local church which is also used for music performances. It's a beautiful building.

How can one lose a shoe and not miss it?

Winter came back again with snow.

I took lots of pictures like this, they looked like abstract paintings to me. Just snowy branches.

My assistant being very alert.

A tree...of course...

And more trees, the snow made the world almost black and white.

A cosy home for cold birds.

In winter most benches are lonely and abandoned, a bit like the island itself.

I loved the straight lines these tree stems made.

Everything becomes so quiet in winter and so beautiful.

More line work by left over tree stems with snow on one side.

The big pond near my house. Can you believe that in summer this is often dried up?

All the snow is gone again now. People are longing for spring, but you know me, I'm hoping winter will make a few more appearances. It's not too late, it's only February after all. Spring will bring it's own wonders, I know, but nothing touches me like the desolate nature of winter where the only birds you hear are crows and the world is oh so quiet and solemn. I just can't get enough of it.

Hope you enjoyed these winter pics and wish you a wonderful and very artsy weekend!


  1. I love your yellow church. It has a face. It looks shocked! Bad singers? And I know what you mean about shoes. They are everywhere! I always wonder how people manage to lose ONE shoe.
    I have a feline personal assistant. She's very useful when I need someone to sit on my artwork.

    1. I think the church was just shocked to be on the interwebs. :-)
      As fot the shoe. I can understand people losing one, but then not missing it and just walking on with one foot bare is beyond me. And this was in the middle of the forest! Not the beach where people sometimes DO take their shoes off on purpose.
      My assistant has the exact same talent as yours! Are they gifted or what? ;-)

  2. De foto's zijn weer prachtig - en inderdaad, wat een mooi kerkje - ik zie het mooie, grafische van zwarte stammen in een sneeuwlandschap echt wel maar van mij mag het toch wat warmer worden hoor!

    1. Haha, ja ik weet het, ik ben nou eenmaal een winterliefhebber en die zijn vaak onbegrepen en in de minderheid. :-)

  3. I love those stark tree branches...hoping winter a lot further away for us in NZ yet :)

    1. LOL, maybe I should move over there when summer comes here!

  4. Lovely photos. I, too, love those stark tree branches and the path leading to...somewhere. One can only imagine.

    1. Well, sooner or later if you keep going on this island, you will always end up in the water! ;-)


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