Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tombow sketching

I've raved about them for a while now, my new tombow dual brush markers. I really like them, even though there is a learning curve if like me you don't often work with markers, and even though they are not light fast. But I love love love the brushtip and the way they feel in my hand when sketching.

My first free play with the tombow markers, a fantasy face and some quick happy notes.

I don't think there's anything so personal as the preference of pens and markers. People go all crazy over copic markers for instance and I found them just horrible (the smell alone, yuck), so don't go by me when investing in stuff, haha.

An impression of a face in a magazine.

Anyway, I got a big selection of the tombows and because I had some double in various sets I actually now have an extra set of them to play with on the couch, now the heat is still too much in the studio (sigh, I miss you, dear studio).

A nude from a magazine. It turned out as an insult to the model I'm afraid. ;-)

So here's some simple and quicky sketches I did while simultaneously listening to the tv. I'm not good at multitasking and I don't really believe anybody is. I don't even think there is such a thing. I think multitasking is simply going back and forth between multiple things very fast, which may make it seem like you are doing two or more things at once, but that's really not the case. It's very tiring to the mind, because it doesn't get the chance to really focus.

The cover of the movie Sex and the City 2!

I may have the tv on while sketching, and I may even get the gist of what's going on there, but that's not the same as really watching a programme. That's why I mostly only have reruns on or stuff I don't really care about anyway as a background noise. I have however decided to just turn the damn thing off in the future and focus on my sketching/doodling. It's much more peaceful that way.

My personal favorite, also after a magazine photo.

The sketches of today are expressive to say the least. Not all equally good, but I do like the effect of working in different bright colors to do a drawing. It's a fast way of sketching without thinking too much. I do hope you enjoy them.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy Wednesday!


  1. I can't tell from your art if you used a watercolor brush to spread the Tombow color but did want to let you know that they are super water soluble and you can really blend the colors if you desire to do so. I love my Tombow markers. The colors stay nice and bright, even when you add some water to move the dye around. I got some doubles too when I bought sets. But they are so much cheaper to buy in sets, especially when you can use a discount coupon to buy them at stores.
    Aloha, Kate

  2. These are wonderful and I'm with you in the last one being my favorite. I have SO many old markers that I'm making myself use before allowing me to buy anything else. So...I'd better get to work!

  3. I have a lot of trouble with the brush tips. And when I try to blend, so far I've gotten mud. I think I need more practice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can relate to the so called 'multi tasking' thing being no such thing. And I always sketch and listen to my husbands tv shows, which I find Most boring, so I never miss much anyway. :)
    I love your last one too. When I was in Paris last month, (name dropping now), I bought one, yes, Only One Tombow duel marker in black and I love it. One! What was I thinking??? Great post.

  5. Play around with a paint brush and water with them. I've seen nice results.

  6. Love these beautiful drawings Caatje... I have never used tombows before... tried the copics and didn't love them either... the last one is my fave too...

    Jenny x

  7. To those who mention the watersoluble nature of the tombow markers: I am well aware of that. I even played with it a little when I tried the ones a friend brought with her. But these sketches I didn't want to smudge or dilute or blend, I wanted them to be straight from the marker, very direct. I do intend to practice with their watercolor nature in the future, but now it wasn't the effect I was going for. Thanks for mentioning it though, I forgot to and it could be interesting for my readers to know.


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