Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sketchbook Play

Now that the studio is too warm to work in most of the time I have to resort to either my journal or sit on the couch with my sketchbook (aptly named the Out of the Studio Book). Neither is a terrible thing by the way, although I do wish it would cool down a little, since I have a mixed media piece in the making that's going nowhere fast this way.

A little fantasy in colored pencils. This took forever to make.

It's not even that the weather is that hot, but the heat kind of floats upstairs and stays there and when the sun is on the roof of the studio all day it has no chance to cool down.

Squigly shapes, I've drawn them for years and I don't know why. This is colored pencil too.

So the couch is where I take my sketchbook and a small batch of supplies and play, usually while something ridiculous is playing on tv like Ghost Hunters International or other SyFy nonsense. ;-)

A mandala in colored pencil. I hadn't done mandala's in ages.

I mostly play with either colored pencils or markers. My tombow markers arrived, yay! I've done  a lot of sketching with them already, of which I'll show you some next week, and I really enjoy their brush tip. It makes for very spontaneous marks. 

A mandala in tombow markers. The first thing I did with them. This is still pretty 'controlled'.

So even though my options are limited now I have no access to my studio (well, no pleasant access that is) I am keeping myself busy and am enjoying it. No need to feel sorry for me, none at all. ;-)

Hope you're creatively busy too and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. hihi Caatje, moet erg lachen om je squigly figures, zal morgen een foto plaatsen op mijn blog en dan zal je snappen waarom.
    Leuke mandala's!!

    1. mijn foto staat nu op

  2. I love that you're making the most of the heat...and not letting it stop you. The new apartment here is great but my playroom is in the middle of all the other rooms and consequently the darkest and hottest room we have. But I am eternally thankful for it...even when I turn on the iron...and back up into the table on my rolling chair...and have to burn light bulbs all day. I'm going right NOW to enjoy it!

  3. Hahaaa... ik heb helemaal niet met je te doen hoor! Jij HEBT tenminste een studio... ook al is-ie warm. Maar wij 'creatievelingen' weten ieder plekje wel te benutten om toch iets uit onze handen te laten komen, nietwaar?! Leuk, mandala's... heb ik ook al heel lang niet meer mee gestoeid...

  4. Beautiful colored pencil mandala, Caatje! You are making very good use of your out-of-studio time. I hope the weather permits your return very soon, so we can see your mixed media piece!

  5. Great sketching works, I am about to blog with my sketchbook attempts too, then going to try find 'somewhere' to escape to from the heat of this house... My house just holds heat and is now totally unbearable and I forgot what sleep is its so hot. I envy anyone with a nice cool house just now.


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