Friday, May 11, 2012

Some random photographs

Ever since I got my smartphone I'm taking pictures all the time and everywhere. I often use my Facebook app to quickly upload a photograph unto Facebook and share it with the world. If you want to you can befriend me on Facebook and see the mobile uploads there.It's a growing collection.

I try not to upload more than one image a day and sometimes I don't do it everyday, but what I do like is that over the past few months it's like I've accumulated a little photographic journal on Facebook. They are just snippets of my life. I really like that.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the last few weeks. Some were uploaded to Facebook, but most weren't.

Sometimes there's lots of foam on the beach.

Slowly but steadily spring takes over, the world goes green!

Trees in the sunshine.

Dandelions in full bloom make everything pretty.

My assistant carefully watching those pesky birds.

A pond in the forest.

So many dunes here!

The city of Harlingen, where the ferry arrives on the main land.

Another pond in the forest, a bigger one.

Sunrise over the Wadden Sea

Perfect reflection in yet another pond.

Detail of a beach dam.

Colored pencils, yummy!

A look at the village from a dyke.

My assistant going zen.

Working on my pretty papers.

I have several camera apps on my phone, but I keep grabbing for RetroCamera and its polaroid setting. I just love the colors this app gives. And I like printing these with a little room to write stuff on to put in my journal.

Hope you enjoyed this peek in my photo-album and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. Nice. Have a lovely weekend yourself

  2. Oh I did totally enjoy it! Beautiful pix!

  3. Lovely photos, Caatje. I do love seeing your sweet kitty, too!

  4. wow,

    om jaloers op te worden, zo'n plaats om te leven!

    Mooie foto's

    Marius - Featuring Magazine Team

  5. Such beautiful photos...both the nature photos and the pictures of buildings look so fanciful! Spring really makes a grand entrance, doesn't it?

  6. love the photos. especially the one of the view of the village. just my idea of how small european villages should look.


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