Monday, May 14, 2012

More pretty paper freebies

A few weeks ago I presented my first set of pretty paper freebies, which were all done in acrylic paints. I made them to create a book out of them in combination with a whole set of pretty papers in gouache. The gouache papers are now done too and the book has been put together.

So now I present you ten more pretty papers for free to do with as you please.  Here they are:

You can download the original scans on my Flickr, where you can find the 2012 freebies set.

This set also has the acrylic papers in it. Flickr gives you the choice for different sizes, so you don't always have to download the original size if you don't want to. The originals size however is about A4 (29x21 cm) at 300 dpi.

You may use these papers in any way you see fit. Personally I think they would make cool collage papers or printed on thicker paper they might make nice book pages. Well, do whatever you please with them, and...enjoy!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week!


  1. Dank je wel! Je hebt er een hoop werk aan gehad om ze in te scannen.

  2. carin, these are absolutely beautiful. i love each and every one of them. they all look bright and springy and summery. i love to do jigsaw puzzles and when i find things like this i make a puzzle out of them. i currently have two puzzles going from you last papers. can't wait to make more. will look forward to using them for my art too, hehehe.

  3. Er spelen allerlei ideeen door mijn hoofd nu... je hebt kans dat je je achtergronden binnenkort op mijn blog voorbij ziet komen :)

  4. My favorite is the yellow one - nice and cheery! Thanks :-)

  5. These are SO lovely, thank you so much for sharing them!

  6. Thank you. These are so cheerful.


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