Thursday, May 31, 2012

More from the Moon Journal

Working in my Moon Journal is sheer journaling bliss. I feel perfectly spoiled with its huge spreads and its bright colors. I wish it would go on forever. Well, I would if I didn't have a preference for variety above all other preferences.

Thankfully this journal still has a long way to go before it's filled up. I'm working on several ideas for my next journal already and they vary from the Little Book of which you have already seen snippets to the square ROD journal that is in the making and has been temporarily put on the shelf, but not forever.

I'm also considering an extra large moleskine cahier and two journals that I bought through Etsy from other creative journal makers. A journal made by somebody else almost feels like a collaboration. ;-)

It's wonderful and horrible at the same time to have so many options. Wonderful because it adds to the variety of shapes and sizes of journals and horrible because I'm the type of person who only works in one journal at a time, so I can't choose everything at once as I would like to.

I may keep several sketchbooks and artsy books at once but the actual daily journal is always just one at a time and I always work through it chronologically front to back. That's just the way I like it. A journal is a steady companion for several months and I fill about four to five of them every year. The Moon Journal is number three for this year.

Every journal is my new favorite, I can't help it. Looking back over the years and journals I have filled I love how different they all are. I'm actually thinking about doing a post in the future about journals past so you can see how my journaling has evolved over time and how my first art journals look. Might be interesting. What do you think?

Today I just leave you with these images of the Moon Journal. The last one is not finished yet, because as you can see it has no writing on it. I just thought you might like to see how the spreads look before I start writing on them. I always decorate first and write later. I will show this one when it's written on as well in another post.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and are doing something artsy!


  1. How I LOVE your gorgeous journal pages Caatje... pages with beautiful pictures and lots of handwriting... just wonderful...

    Jenny x

  2. A journal made by somebody else almost feels like a collaboration.

    What an interesting idea.

    The page with the vertical lines of tape is fascinating. And I love the images you choose for your collage work.

  3. Wow! an atlas that really is working big! lovely work, thanks for showing the unfinished page before you write, to see your process.

  4. Ik heb je werk gevonden via Pinterest en, aan je werk te zien, gok ik dat je Nederlands kan spreken? Van waar ben je precies? Zo blij dat ik je gevonden heb hier, je art journal pagina's zijn super! :)

  5. I am new to decorating first, then writing...finding it a very cool idea! Love this big atlas much room!

  6. Amazing, as always! And I'd love to see your journal history, it's a good idea!

  7. It's quite difficult to work in one journal and then buy or find the next one, because you really want to move on to that one and "try it out" but I'm totally with you on the one at a time thing. :-) But if you have too many in a que you might not feel like using them once you get to them... haha, always problems but good ones to have, huh?

  8. Beautiful moon journal, and yes, I'd love to see your others!

  9. Smiled at a few comments here - love that you have 'sheer journalling bliss' in your life, and also can so relate to the feeling of being torn with sticking with one option while so many others you would like to follow. Would love to see other journals. My fav pages this time around are the weekend one, and I really like the vertical tape ones. Happy weekend

  10. Gorgeous spreads, as always, Caatje. I don't think there is anyone who would object to seeing a retrospective of your art journals! That would be awesome!

  11. I like the idea of seeing your older journals to see how they've evolved. I'm totally new to decorating journal pages and am not very good at it, yet.


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