Monday, April 9, 2012

Easy as one two three

Often during my vacations I don't really spend that much time doing art. I do always work in my journal of course, but that's such a habit to me I hardly consider it anything special or artsy anymore (weird, but true). And I always take pictures, which I don't consider that special either (really, I should have my head examined and give myself some credit for the things I do).

But the last vacation actually had me drawing and sketching again for the first time in ages, which I've already shown you here and here and I even spent some time making a small series of art mixed media cards that I would like to show you today.

The base of these four cards is actually one of my ribbons and circles drawings that I did on a piece of paper with gouache and a drawing pen. Then I cut the paper in four card sized pieces (10x15 cm / 4x6 inches) and did some stamping with some foam stamps and watercolor and some spraying with glimmer mist. I love foam stamps by the way and hate that they have gone so out of style, so they are now hard to come by.

After all that I really didn't know what to do for a while until I remembered I had bought some big number stencils a while ago that I hadn't tried yet. I put a number four on the cards with a paint pen and outlined it with a glaze pen.

For some reason these fours made me think of the expression "Easy as one two three". I found it funny to put that expression next to a big four. I like a little humor and irony in my art. So I punched the line "easy as one two three" on one of those letter punch thingies (really people, what do you call those in English?) and stuck the words on the cards. Some signature dashes to outline the cards and... Presto!

The cards will probably go to some unsuspecting recipients as a little RAK (= random act of kindness, or should I say random art of kindness?). I hope they will like them and I hope you do as well.

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative week!

PS: keep your eyes open for my coming Wednesday post, it's my birthday and I'll be doing a giveaway!


  1. Leuk, leuk, leuk Caatje!!! Nu je het zegt, foamstempels zijn helemaal verdwenen... ik heb een prachtig foam-alfabet (wel groot!) en na het zien en lezen van jou post, jeuken mijn handen om daar eens mee aan de slag te gaan. Geniet van je vrije dag (want die heb je toch wel vandaag?) en alvast gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag (want ik weet niet of ik woensdag 'langs kan komen')

  2. lovely cards, you are a very lovely person to give them away just because! (but then I already knew that ;)) and I love the newest spreads in your journal :) The only thing/word I can think that you're looking for is label maker??? But am thinking that cant be right, but if there's a more 'official' term I can't think of it. Much love & happy Birthday for Weds :) xxx

  3. Lovely cards - alike, but different. Yes, Jennibellie is right: labelmaker.

  4. Great cards Caatje! I love those foam stamps for backgrounds too. I

  5. gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Caatje en maak er een fijne dag van.. ;-).. leuke set kaarten geworden !

  6. lovely cards, you are a very lovely person to give them away just because!


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