Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What are you up to Wednesday - part 43 (woyww 151)

I know, it's been forever since I did a what are you up to post. I posted on my blog on several past Wednesdays but never really about my workdesk, so I didn't think it fair to jump on the woyww bandwagon. But this week it's time for a good old work desk picture. Yay!

What you're looking at is a piece of A3 paper and two boxes of gouache. The top box is pretty much empty and has fewer colors that the bigger box on the left. I know, you can't really see it's a bigger box, but that's because the other layer of colors in underneath the layer you see.

I'm working on more decorative paper for the doodle book I'm planning to make. I showed you the acrylic papers last Friday. When these papers are done they will also be cut up and made into book pages and of course I will offer them as a freebie. It's fun playing with paints like this where the outcome is not really very important, because it's just supposed to be a background to further doodling in the future.

Remember how I got some gift cerificates for my birthday from my family? Well, some of you wanted to know what I got for them and it just so happens that everything arrived today. So here's my gift cerificate stash!

I got the Cloth Paper Scissors Book, which on first sight seems absolutely marvelous. I also got a box with eight colors of fluid watercolor (Ecoline), a tin of 12 Graphitint pencils (they are watersoluble graphite pencils in beautiful dark tones), a black Pan Pastel (I recently bought a small five color starterset and just assumed black would be in there, but it wasn't) and my favorite is the 24 color tin of aquatone pencils (which are like watercolor pencils without the wooden shell). All these materials are luxury items to me that I might not have gotten if I had to pay for it all myself, so I'm pretty happy with this non-splurge. ;-) That's what gift certificates are great for I think, for getting stuff you do really want, but don't really need, haha.

The next picture is a little splurge on my own money though. I have been trying spray bottles of paints by buying just a few samples of glimmer mist. I do like them, but find them rather expensive. Then I saw that one of my favorite suppliers carries these paint sprays for fabric that are less than half the cost and have more paint in them too. I figured they might work on paper too so I bought a set of ten bottles.

I also got a set of 3D liner in ten colors, just because I had been eyeing them forever already. All those arrived today as well, so I haven't tried them either, but they sure look nice sitting together like that, don't they? We'll consider it a bonus birthday gift from me to me. ;-)

And that about sums it up for today: a worktable and way too many new supplies. ;-) I'm one lucky artsy lady!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday too!


  1. Ooooh, wat heeeeerlijk, allemaal nieuwe spulletjes om mee te stoeien! Veel plezier Caatje!

  2. the paints look wonderful, and what fun gifts, AND a splurge! Yay!


  3. Oooh wat een heerlijke spulletjes! Veel plezier ermee, maar dat gaat vast lukken!!

    xx Tessa

  4. I'll be interested to know how you find the spray paints I haven't seen those ones before. I've got the dylusion set, also a bit of a birthday splurge. Love the idea of your doodle books x Toni#165

  5. Love all that painty fun! I just bought the Cloth Paper Scissors book, too! It looks like you made very good use of your birthday money. I'm glad that you got to splurge on yourself. I hope you will let us know if those sprays for fabrics do indeed work well for paper.

  6. Very cool - no such thing as too many supplies! Enjoy the CPS book - I really love it.

  7. Wow - lots of new things to play with! I do love getting gift cards/money so you can get exactly what you want!

    Please tell us how the spray paints for fabric work on paper for you. Very clever of you to try.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #144

  8. Lovely stash. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lots of lovely painting in your workspace - thanks for sharing - (Hazel #173) x

  10. Lovely creative desk with lots of lovely new goodies to have fun playing with :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Hugs, Karen #75

  11. enjoy your new goodies
    happy belated WOYWW
    kay #98

  12. Dat ziet er goed uit!!!
    Zijn die Aquatones een soort Neocolors?

    Veel plezier ermee!!

  13. Oooh fab new goodies, your A3 page looks fab too. Take care, hope you enjoy this week's WOYWW, have been snooping in shifts but I'm getting there! Zo xx 77

  14. Oh Caatje... what a wonderful stash of goodies... I have been looking at the graphtints... they look wonderful... how fabulous to receive the gift certificates... and your new little spray paint supply is awesome... I can see lots of creativity happening here for sure...

    Jenny x

  15. I really enjoyed your gift voucher splurge, absolutely agree with you..I have several beeeyoootiful mugs that I would never have brought for myself, but a gift for our 25th anniversary meant they were a real treat. Your doodle page is great, it is a double treat for you really, to be drawing and painting for the love of it, and then to be generous and share cool you are.

  16. I'm SO excited for you! Such a wonderful stash of fun things to try! I'm a budget conscious artist, too, and I'm hoping someone will give me a gift certificate or two after seeing your post! I will be back to read more about your little island and to peruse some of your art! Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa #93

  17. Lots of pretty little goodies! I have those graphtint pencils, but never really used them. I cant wait to see what you do with them. :)

  18. Its always nice when you purchase gifts for yourself, that way you know you get what you want. Shopping is fun, especially when you are buying art supplies. Thanks for sharing and belated birthday wishes to you.

    Eliza #26

  19. Wow! What a haul! Very jealous, have fun playing :) x


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