Friday, March 30, 2012


I wish I could stop time from moving so fast, just so I could savor my vacation a little longer. Only two and a half days to go and it's back to the office for me. Until then I will keep pretending that this vacation will never end. I'm really enjoying myself. Some days are lazy and laid back and others I go out and about and explore and both are equally wonderful. I love the fact that I don't have to live as much by the clock when I'm off work. I can get up when I feel like it and just take my time for everything, be it a long hike (four hours yesterday), hours of reading or a nice little nap.

Last Wednesday I went to the city of Groningen to visit the Groninger Museum. They had several exhibits going on, but the one that really intrigued me was about fasion designer Azzedine Alaïa. I love the femininity of his clothes, the cut shapes and the incredible work in the details. I actually took out my sketchbook and sketched some of the outfits that were being shown.

I've never drawn clothes just by themselves before, so I found it quite challenging. They are just pen on paper, no coloring or anything. I just wanted to get the shapes down.

I did buy some postcards with photographs and details of some of the clothes, because of course my drawings don't really do them justice and I wanted to see some of the colors.

In case you were wondering I am also spending some time in the studio this week, not much but some. I have made some postcards and am in the process of making some more. I will probably show them to you next week. And of course the journal is always going strong and I will defenitely show you the first spreads of the Moon Journal soon.

For now I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and hope you get some time to be creative!