Friday, April 6, 2012

First spreads from the Moon Journal

Well, I've been talking about it and hinting at it on this blog, but I haven't really shown you anything, have I? I'm talking about the Moon Journal of course, also known as my second altered atlas and  now in full use as my everyday journal.

Just like the first altered atlas it's such a wonderful book to work in and so very different from the two smaller sized journals I worked in before. Because it's so big it also means it takes much more time to fill a spread. I could often do a spread in my previous journal in one sitting, writing and all, but to fill a spread in the Moon Journal takes about three sittings. One for decorating the pages and two for filling the pages with writing.

I usually write one page a day, but of course a day gets skipped every now and then, so it will be a while before this journal is filled and my showing of the spreads will be a lot less frequent than with the previous journal.

Anyway, here are the first spreads for you to see. I love the full colored backgrounds. It's so much more...well...colorful! ;-)

I also like using magazine images again. I didn't do much of that in ROD2 and the In Between Book, but this book is just made for them. Of course other items get included too.

Just like always the journal is a mix of found images, bought images and self made images and texts. I love to mix and match stuff that has no business being together. I mean really: pirates and bunnies? A buddhist and a poodle? What am I thinking? ;-)

I'm not thinking of course. I'm just doing. I do like a well balanced spread, but a well balanced theme seems to be completely lost on me. I just throw stuff together on a whim and somehow it always works out. It's like magic, journal magic!

I also use a lot of scrapbooking stuff. Some journalers poo poo those kinds of commercial items, but I love taking them completely out of context and mixing them with other things they were never intended for. I'm really pleased to live in a time where so much imagery is available from so many sources.

I think it's the combination of things that makes it personal anyway, although I do agree that my own photographs do often ad something extra. I know, there aren't any of my own images in these spreads yet, but I have a lot of them printed out all ready to go into the next spreads. I am enjoying the magazine and found stuff a little too much right now to be bothered by it.

I hope you enjoyed this first peek into the Moon Journal and hope you consider some journaling yourself. It's so much fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy  Easter weekend!


  1. Love your pages! So great to see the large format. TFS
    Aloha, Kate

  2. WAt zijn ze weer prachtig Caatje... en inderdaad: grote pagina's! Je post laat echt doorklinken wat een genot je het vind om er in te werken!

  3. As usual - loooove your pages, I especially like the Alaïa ones and the one with the girl on the bike. *Sigh* you make it look so easy!

  4. Love the pages - you are the mistress of Huge AJ Pages!! I am looking forward to using my Atlas for the Kelly Kilmer classes I bought, so maybe I'll have pages to show (at last). I think the 2nd and 3rd spreads posted above are my favorites. Love the balance and the colors!!
    Happy Easter to you also!!

  5. Needless to say, I love your rabbit pages the best! What I am most intrigued by is the cozy texture of your words and your use of color, so simple. Can't wait to see more!

  6. As always, I love looking at your beautiful and inspiring! I'm with you--I enjoy using all kinds of things on my pages, and I don't have any qualms about using any scrapbooking materials that catch my eye.

  7. Absolutely wonderful. I'm amazed at how much writing/journaling you are able to do in such little cursive on painted pages. Thanks for continuing to be the inspiration you are!

  8. I really enjoy your journal spreads I don't read them but the amount of words poured onto the pages must feel so good.

  9. Love your journal pages Caatje! The first is my fav with those color combos and of course the kitties. >^..^< This makes me want to work in my journals all day, you're very inspiring!

  10. Ik wilde dat ik dat ook kon! Wat een inspiratie heb je altijd maar waar haal je al die leuke plaatjes vandaan??
    Ben ik wel eens nieuwsgierig naar,
    groetjes beppie

  11. Fabulous pages....again! Hard to pick a fav - love the softness of the pretty page with butterflies and sweet girls, but also drawn to the last 2 - gorgeous tapes and imagery...but i love the pink background too! Looking forward to seeing lots more

  12. I love your spreads and how creative altering an old atlas for this journal. Love the images you've used and all the colours. I'm sure this will be a lovely keepsake:-)


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