Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seeing things

Enjoying taking pictures is a strange thing, at least for me. When I'm in 'camera mode' I see pictures everywhere! It can be quite exhausting actually. The minute I start clicking away it's like all sorts of photo's just present themselves to me, begging to be taken.

These may not always be pictures other people understand. A nice landscape or a good portrait makes sense to most, but today I thought I'd show you a peek into my weird photo documentation mind. Here are some things I encountered in the last months that were just fascinating to me.

The bark of a tree.

Remnants of my morning apple all lined up.

The way these bike racks are arranged.

Patterns left by different tires in the snow.

The way tree branches look against a blue sky.

This amazing reflection.

How these pieces of ice creep all over each other.

How menacing these buildings look.

Stuff around a beach pole.

The shadow of a tree.

Marks people leave in the oddest places.

How these long shells line up.

How sand and water can form an abstract sculpture.

What you find on an outdoor bench.

I could go on forever, but you get the idea. I see things, I see things everywhere! Sometimes when I go out and about I deliberately do NOT take a camera just so I won't be overwhelmed by all the pictures that want to be taken. Does this make any sense?

Don't get me wrong: I love how my mind works and sees interesting stuff everywhere, I would hate to lose the ability to be fascinated by the most ordinary things. I just wonder sometimes how my brain is wired you know and what it all means.  And how many photographs does a person really need?  How about you blogsy people: do you ever get a kind of image overload when you start paying attention to the world around you?

I might be heading that way the coming week, because as of today I have nine days off work! A little vacation for me, myself and I. I look forward to roaming around the island and when I roam around I always see lots of things! ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. Wishing you image overload of the very best kind :) Happy holiday...looking forward to seeing what inspires you next

  2. It makes perfect sense! I sometimes leave my camera back home to have a 'relaxed' walk! A famous photographer (don't remember the name, but saw a docu about him years ago) got real old (like 90) and when asked if he still took photos he said: 'I don't feel the need to have the actual photo in my hand anymore, I take photos with my eyes now. I look - close my eyes like the shutter - and then I have the photo in my mind. Click clack.' I never forgot that!

  3. Leuk om te zien! Ik heb ook een heleboel van dit soort foto's en vandaag zijn er weer een aantal bijgekomen.

  4. Enjoy your holiday, Caatje! You better put your camera aside, or you will have a CRAZY collection of photos by the end of your holiday. Your photos are awesome...I can completely understand why you are drawn to these images. They are amazing. Some favorites: all of the first ones! The bark, the apple remains, the bicycle racks, the tracks in the snow, the tree, the reflection. Love ALL of this, Caatje!

  5. Heeel herkenbaar! En zolang je er nog niet zo veel hebt als deze dame (toch wel een cijfer met vier nullen erachter;-)) ....
    Fijne vakantie!!!

  6. Well, if it's not relaxing, leave the camera behind. But I love this kind of picture, so if you want to take them and show some of them, I will be happy to look. :^D Some of them would make great textures, if you like to do photo manipulation in PhotoShop. Some have great patterns you can use in your journals.

  7. wonderful photos! love the assortment of subjects and how you've pointed out shapes and textures. The sketches of your cat are well done too!

  8. Nice work! You have an eye for composition!
    Continued success.


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