Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 5

It's wednesday again. Time to show what I'm doing right now. Actually the table does not look very different from last time. I have done some things, but not much. I had family staying over for a few days and there was a meeting of my book club right after that. All wonderful, but it seriously cut into my studio time.

On the top you can see I am still working on my label/tag sheets. I am currently drawing number three of these. Because I got a little tired of doing the same thing however I also started preparing a book to become one of my next journals. I got this idea off a tutorial on iHanna's blog about making an altered book. You can find it here. I used an old atlas and tore out about half the pages. I haven't done much else to it yet, just painted over the cover with one layer of gesso. The torn out pages will be wonderful collage fodder, because they are maps and maps are, as everybody knows, way cool! ;-)

It seems to be all about making books right now. The above mentioned tags are for a handmade book I will put together some point in the future. I wanted to show some other parts for this book that I already prepared, namely the painted papers that the book will consist off.

These are simple white papers that have been painted and  (foam) stamped with gouache. I love how they turned out! So colorful and cheerful. And it's so relaxing to make these too.

I will use about half of them for the base pages of the book I intend to make. The other half will be used to decorate and stitch on to the  base pages and make things like pockets and borders. I can't wait to start putting it together, but I need more tags and elements first. So I have to be patient (not my strongest feature).

Lastly I am also still working on my little abstract collage project this april. I will show you some results of that in my next post. Until then!