Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend Drawing

I want to show you the drawings I made over the Easter weekend. I didn't do even half as much as I intended to (me and my big plans!), the weather was too good and so was the book I was reading ;-) But still, I managed to fill 9 pages of a watercolor sketchbook, better than nothing I suppose.

Some drawings are okay, some are lousy and of course I had to include a letter drawing and one of my little houses. For better or worse, here's all of them!

I made this just to get in the mood for drawing.

This was a detail of a little tree I saw in the woods. 

A view of the path I took in the woods.

A biking trail in the dunes.

Clouds around the sun.

A crow posed for me!

Little houses.

Daffodils in the middle of the woods!

Failed landscape, view of the dunes.

I may still color in the last two drawings to give them a little more life. Not sure yet.

At least the sketchbook is now started. I'm thinking about maybe making May about practicing more drawing, like I used April to do some abstract collages. We have to keep challenging ourselves, right? I'll keep you posted!