Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 4

It's wednesday again. Time to show what I'm up to! First I'd like to show my work table as it is right now:

I am working on a second page of labels/tags for my fully handmade journal project. I have painted the papers already and am now making other elements to embellish those pages with. I am working on tags with my little houses on them and just started coloring them in. When they are finished they will become another freebie! It's really a lot of fun to make these tags.

I also wanted to show you something the mailman brought yesterday. A box full of goodies from my friend and partner in creative crime M.! For my birthday! I swear I've been having a birthday for a week now ;-) And it's not even over yet because some family members will stay for a few days the coming weekend! A ten day birthday, who doesn't want that?

Anyway, here's a detail of M.'s wonderful gift:

In the box were several fabrics (my sewing room is rejoicing right now), a beautiful sketch folder, a dipping pen with different nibs, four colors of bister (which is a type of drawing ink that you mix yourself), some wonderful photo's of both of my deceased cats (she's a great photographer and I will probably use the images for two mixed media pieces to remember them by), a lovely piece of art mail,  and the most cool thing of all: she made a stamp based on one of my art pieces! You can see samples of it in the picture. It's the piece I use in all my profiles on the web! It's made from a simple eraser and I can't believe she did this, such a wonderful idea.

And just to show you what a talented gal she really is, here's her blog, her flickr and her fotothing. Take a look and leave lots of admiring comments!