Friday, April 8, 2011

Bye bye Heart Journal - Hello Roses Journal

It's time for some everyday journal pages again. I closed the book on the heart journal about four weeks ago. I wanted to show you the last spread I did in this journal. It's not the last spread in the book, but somewhere in the middle where I had still left some pages unfinished.

After the heart journal it was time for a new book and I decided to leave the landscape format behind me for a while and choose a spiral bound photo-album as my next journal. The cool part of a photo-album is that it has these transparent protective sheets of paper between the regular pages and I found that those were really nice to write on! This also gives an interesting effect to the page underneath.

The cover of this book was plain purple linen, so I upgraded it a little with a simple layer of a napkin with roses on it and some lettering. Here's how it looks now:

It's quite simple and to keep it simple I dubbed it The Roses Journal. Really, how do I come up with these things? My journals are always called something so obvious that it makes you want to go "Duh" ;-)

Anyway, here's some pages from that journal. They are mostly decorated pages with writing on them and one collage. I of course chose the pages where I didn't mind if people read the writing. I don't really have that many secrets, but I am wary of putting up pages where I mention other people even if it's in a good way. It's just to give you an idea what the journal looks like on the inside. For those who don't speak Dutch: since the writing is from the past few weeks it's all about my cat Mara being sick and my worries about her. This just shows that my journal really does reflect my daily life ;-)

The last one is actually the beginning of a personal project I am doing outside of the journal now, which is spending about 30 minutes a day working on small abstract collages. It's a kind of practice for me to get more comfortable with abstract collage and working with just shapes and patterns instead of integrating words and images. When I have more of these collages I will of course show them on my blog.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my current journal and wishing you a wonderful weekend.