Thursday, July 8, 2010

Journal spread

Happy to have finished another journal spread. When I watch video's on youtube of people doing spreads in I am always amazed at how fast they can work. Maybe it's the fact that I use so many layers, but this spread took me something like three hours to make. I wish I could work faster, but then again that is kind of what this spread is about. Let me show it to you first:

The prompt from the ALMBH-class for this one was about the thing you don't want to think about. I would really like to not think about the high demands I put on myself. I always feel like I should be doing more and that I should be more productive in my art. I journaled about how I would just like to enjoy my artsy passions and not worry so much about my own standards of productivity and outcome (whatever they are). I am learning that the process is the thing, but I would still like to have more to show for it in the end (paradox anyone?).
Reading a lot of art journaling and mixed media books I have found that a lot of artists struggle with this and we really are our own worst critic. There are times when I can totally silence this inner voice and just enjoy myself in being creative, but there are also times when I can drive myself crazy wanting more. More of what? I'm not even sure. What I am sure about is that most of us are way more strict and demanding of ourselves than anybody else would ever be of us. I need to treat my inner artist a little nicer sometimes ;-)