Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tiny Mandalas

They are small, they are simple, they are fast and they live together in a tiny sketchbook. I'm talking about my tiny mandalas. I draw them every now and then to take a break from my (not so fast at all!)

They  measure about 7 to 8 cm in diameter (that's about 3 inches), so they are like the exact opposite of my elaborate patterns in every way, except maybe in the joy it brings me to draw them.

Here's a couple for you to see:

As you can see I went from coloured in ones to just drawing some with different coloured lines. I like the effect that gives and will surely experiment with it more.

All these were done with felt tip pens, on my couch, because the couch is where it's at when it comes to relaxed drawing. ;-)

Hope you enjoyed these little drawings and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.