Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Just a quick sign of life so you know I didn't fall off the face of the earth

Hey my blogsy people,

As you can see I have not blogged for about two weeks. It's actually been longer than that because my last few posts were preplanned and done about a month ago.  I haven't even responded to some of your comments and for that I'm sorry.

All this is partly because of good things and partly not so good. The good things were a family visit and my birthday week in which I got spoiled rotten. The not so good is more health related and something that is still under investigation. It could be nothing, it could be something, probably some sort of infection in my belly (my blood test says my CRP values are too high), but it's all guess work right now. More tests to come,  yay!

Anyway, I'm not really feeling up to keeping up the blog and I'm sure you understand. I will be back as soon as things settle down a little or I know more about what I'm dealing with. Until then I wish you all a wonderful and artsy time!

PS I am on Instagram and Facebook, so I may post a pic there from time to time while we figure out what's going on.

Spooky has nothing to do with this post, but he's so cute that I just had to put him in here. ;-)