Saturday, March 16, 2019

From the Moleskine XL

So, I have a whole house all to myself. In this house I have a studio, which is simply the biggest bedroom upstairs. It's marvelous and I like to refer to it as my treasure room. I also have a worktable in my kitchen that I mainly use for journaling. When it comes to art supplies and places to use them I am one spoiled woman and I am very aware of this.

And yet, despite all the above, my favorite place to make art is still my couch. Maybe this is why one of the sketchbooks I work in most is my Molesekine XL Cahier with grid paper. All I need is the book and some felt tip pens and I'm ready to go.
I can sit with my feet up, the book in my lap (sometimes there's a cat between my lap and the book) and draw for hours. And while I do so, I listen to podcasts and audio books and life doesn't get much better than that.

Here are some spreads from the Moleskine XL that were done exactly like that:

The gray in this last one is actually a metallic green, but that's impossible to photograph.

I don't know if you can tell, but in the second and last picture the opposite pages are actually sort of inversions of each other. I really like the effect this gives to the whole spread.

All these were done with my trusted Stabilo 68 pens. The metallic colours of these pens are new and quite cool, but as stated above, they don't really show up in the picture. I do wish Stabilo would put out even more regular colours. There are about 48 now and I would love an even larger selection. Did I already mention how spoiled I am?

I hope you enjoyed this peek in my sketchbook and that you have a comfortable place to create as well.
Have yourself a wonderful and artsy day!