Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Colourful Collages

Of all the artsy stuff I like to do my biggest love over the past years has no doubt been drawing and painting patterns. In fact I love it so much that all the other stuff doesn't get done nearly as much as I would love to, simply because there's only so many hours in the day and also, someone needs to bring home a paycheck, and when you live alone that someone is always you. Someone should really invent a way around this. ;-)

But I have a truckload of sketchbooks devoted to other types of art than just patterns and every now and then I actually dust them off and work in them.

One such book is a colourful 20x20 cm (8x8 inches) scrapbook I bought at Paperchase many moons ago in which I do collage. Recently I sat down with this book again and did four collages in two sittings. Here's the result:

The black and white ones were quite a challenge for someone who likes colour as much as me. As you can see I didn't even fully manage to keep them black and white, a little beige was added here and there.

All these are mixed media, with  materials ranging from coloured pencil and paint markers to magazine clippings and washi tape and I even used some stencils on these. I love the mixing and matching of different imagery and materials to achieve a layout that I find pleasing to the eye. There's no rhyme or reason tot this. I don't plan out my collages, they just kind of happen organically. If I planned them they just wouldn't work for me. We all have our own process I  guess, and for me the process is usually 'well, now I did this, what do I do next?' until I feel I'm done. ;-)

I hope you liked this peek into my collage book and wish you all a wonderfull and artsy day.