Saturday, September 29, 2018

Around here lately (and a little blog break coming up)

Here are some random pictures from the last months, because that is my life too. Well, maybe not too random. I do like to focus on the positive when I take my pictures. It keeps me grateful. :-)

A home made latte and a good book.

That's the good book I was reading. Highly recommended.

Visited the local music and art festival Into The Great Wide Open.

Something to aim for.

I hadn't bought new artsy books in forever, so these were very welcome.

Spooky assisting in my morning art routine. Such a helpful fellow. And handsome too!

Visiting the Drents Museum, among others a beautiful exhibit about Iran.

A sunrise in black and white.

The local beach pavilion.

A beautifully handmade leather cover for a hobonichi weeks planner (for next year), made by Galen Leather.

"Okay then, you sleep on the left so I can draw on the right."

Another wild and crazy morning at my house.

Journaling at my coffee table.

Another watercolour mosaic in progress in the studio.

Clouds over the Wadden Sea.

Imaginary flowers in my journal.

The first day of autumn brought the first autumn storm and some beautiful skies.

So now it's time to collect some new experiences and take a blog break. I'll be going to my sister's house again for a little free vacation and no doubt I will be walking a lot and taking pictures as I go. I will not be taking care of her dog this time, so I can go out to different places. No idea yet exactly what I will do, but I'm sure I will fill my time just fine.

Anyway, this means I will be off blog for about two weeks, but I'm sure I will have stuff to share when I get back. Until then I wish you all a wonderful and artsy time!