Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tiny Mandalas

When I want to do simple art while having my feet up on the couch, and for once I don't feel like doing patterns or grid drawings, I grab my little Canson 180 sketchbook and draw and colour tiny mandalas.

I like having specific (sketch)books for specific purposes, mostly because over time it leads to books filled with a similar type of art and that just gives me some peace of mind somehow. I like the thought of filling one tiny sketchbook with tiny mandalas. It's like building your own tiny collection.

Here's six mandala's for you. Did I mention they were tiny?  ;-)

As you can see, for extra balance I like to use the same colour scheme on either side of the spread. It makes the little book even more coherent. And if you're wondering how tiny they are, they measure less than three inches (7 cm to be exact) in diameter.

Hope you are treasuring something tiny yourself and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!