Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From the Morning Book

My morning art practice is slowly becoming like my journal: something that sort of continues on it's own whatever else may happen and whatever else may or may not get done. I really enjoy starting my day with art and writing.

Here are some pages I finished a while ago:

Apart from the first one all of these took several mornings to finish. Now when I say 'mornings' I mean several sessions of half an hour, since that is how long I work on this book every morning. I always set a timer. It's slow going sometimes this way, but I like the rhythm it gives to my days.

I seem to be mostly working in markers in this book. I think it's partly because I simply enjoy markers right now, but also because the paper in this sketchbook really lends itself to them.  The first four pages were a try out of new to me Spectrum Aqua markers, which are watersoluble (as you can clearly see in the first one). I liked them, but still prefer my Tombows for this type of marker. The brushtip of the Tombows simply feels more pleasant to me.

The latter two pages were done with Pitt (Big) Brush pens, which are filled with india ink and waterproof and basically my favorite markers in the whole wide world. If the art gods declared I could only use one type of marker for the rest of my life it would be them. ;-)

Would love to know what your favorite art supply is right now (if you have one). Let me know about it in the comments and have a wonderful and artsy day.