Friday, August 26, 2016

Early Morning Walk

In general the summer of 2016 has been a pretty cool one so far, but the last few days we are having a bit of  a heatwave in The Netherlands. As somebody who loves to walk, but loathes the heat I try to go out extra early to get my share of still fresh air and nature before the sun gets too high.

So this morning I left the house at 6:45 and enjoyed a sunrise, a foggy atmosphere (it's very humid here) and ... some photography. This post is of course about all three of those things for your enjoyment (and mine!). ;-)

For some reasons there were a lot of birds on posts this morning.

All the boats are only there in the summer. Vacations are almost over and I'm already looking forward to less busy times over here. Next weekend is the music and art festival Into The Great Wide Open and with that usually the main season pretty much ends. Wonderful. I like having my island mostly to myself. ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!